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Welcome to the One-stop Centre

The web portal WWW.EUGO.ES goes directed to all employers and entrepreneurs that need authorisations, enrollments in records, licences, and all the administrative or professional requirements to carry out a remunerated economic activity in Spain. EUGO collects all those requirements and it allows its online procedure.

Additionally consumers and recipients of the generated products and services for the different economic activities, can find in the web portal the organisations of assistance and assistance, as well as means of claim before a problem


What steps must follow?

So much if are national as community, to initiate a business or remunerated economic activity in Spain must determine what legal form are going to choose for your business; this is, if you are going to carry out the activity as a self-employed worker, or if you are going to constitute a trading company, a cooperative, etc. Additionally must determine if you are going to carry out your activity permanently, and low a stable physical establishment or local, or if you are going to carry out your economic activity in exercise free to activity, or in association with another established company. 

The geographical location of the business's registered name is another variable to be taken into account, since Autonomous Communities establish its specific procedures necessary to develop economic activities.

To find required procedures for options that better conform to your needs, and be able to also to contrast requirements between Autonomous Communities, accesses How to initiate your business